Standalone revisted

Robert Presender rpresender at
Fri Dec 20 14:15:01 EST 2002

Using OS 10.2.2, Rev 1.1.1

Having successfully built a standalone(?  ) from a single stack file 
consisting of a main stack
(no user entry and save not required) and several substacks (user 
entries are to be saved and each substack has a save script in it).

I used the procedure in Tips 1 of RR site and the result was a data 
folder and an application(standalone name} icon.  Clicking on the  icon 
opens the application and data can be entered by the user in the 
various stacks and is saved for use the next time the application is 

Opening the data folder all the way, the saved substack files(?) , when 
clicked, the first cards become visible to the user and data can be 

Question 1:   Is there any way that the data folder can be hidden?  
There is no need for the user to be aware of the data folder.

Question 2:   The recent discussions RE: Standalone Button Font Bloat 
doesn't mention anything about using Tips 1.  Are these two procedures 
the same?  If not, an  example of the script required in the .app main 
stack(Splash stack only) to open the .rev main stack (all substacks) 
would be helpful.

  Question 3:  Ref Question 2. If this procedure is used, what entries 
are to be entered in the build standalone?


Regards .... Bob

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