revoltution UI question

Mike McManus mcmanusm at
Fri Dec 20 08:22:04 EST 2002

These questions/points have probably already been asked or made. And 
maybe I have missed them as I searched the archive and documentation. 
Which usually happens to be the case. But I will ask and wait to be 
toold where I should have look. I am running in mac OS X

1. Why does the script window always hide when I switch to another 
applications window? Many times I have a text editor open to hold 
library scripts or other parts of scripts I am working on. I then 
cannot see the open script and the text editor window at the same time 
unless I switch back to REV, which I may not want to do. This is a 
issue whenever I am working with the script in a text editor or not. 
The hiding of the script window is aggravating to me at anytime, even 
when I just switch to check my mail.

2. Related. When I click anywhere on a rev document, the open script 
changes to the script of the object I clicked upon. Which is about 75% 
of the time an accidental click or a click to get back to Rev when I 
have been in another app.

My question there any way to fix/change this behaviour? It may 
only be me, but it really cuts in to my ability to work with rev 
efficiently. And BTW, is there a way to open 2 script windows at the 
same time?

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