Standalone Button Font Bloat

Klaus Major k_major at
Thu Dec 19 05:51:01 EST 2002

Hi Eric and Marc,

>> ...
>> The splash screen stack becomes the
>> standalone's main stack...
>> the application stack, I guess you could say.
>> The other stacks are substacks of
>> this stack, but since they are not directly
>> part of the application they can
>> save changes written to them.
> i wondered how that worked.

Just to make it absolutely clear:

Substacks of a standalone CANNOT be saved !!!
Every stack that is part of a standalone CANNOT be saved !!!

What i meant was to make a standalone from a single stack
(maybe the splash-screen or any stack that does not have
to be saved) and keeping all other stacks (or at least the ones
you want to save) in SEPERATE stacks !!!

Sorry for the capitals, but this is an extremely important fact.

>> The docs say somewhere that because
>> applications are read-only on certain
>> platforms, for cross-platform
>> consistency this feature was built into
>> Revolution.  At least that is my
>> understanding of the scheme of things.
> things are beginning to seem a little less murky.
> time to go back to the documentation, thanks.

I hope that helps.


Klaus Major
k_major at

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