Sending attachments to the list

Heather Williams heather at
Thu Dec 19 04:45:01 EST 2002

Please don't do it! Even if your attachment is very small, hardly noticeable
etc... It will come over as gibberish on the digest. Many, many listers are
on digest mode, and your gem will be lost on them, as well as causing a
certain amount of annoyance. Besides, in these days of rampant viruses
sending an unexpected attachment to people can cause distress.

Another small point while I'm here. To reach the widest audience, it's
advisable to avoid using strong language in your posts. Recently, someone
quoted the famous remark about HyperCard's imminent demise... And a number
of listers did not receive that digest as it was filtered out on the
recipients end by ever vigilant anti spam software that took offence at the
language. (I know, I get the bounces). Just something to be aware of folks.

A very happy holiday season to you all,

Heather (wearing the listmom hat)

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