Corrupt stacks

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Wed Dec 18 23:09:01 EST 2002

Since corrupt stack are so rare, I was surprised to apparently run into 
one on my last project.

I'd been working on the stack for a couple of months when suddenly one of 
my cards wouldn't print. When I'd issue "print card" (either via script 
of message box) on that card, I'd get a hard freeze (on a Mac). Force 
Quit wouldn't work. I'd always have to reboot. Printing any other card 
worked fine.

I'd been using Chipp's autoArchive plugin to save versions as I went 
along. I went back through about 10 versions, each time going to that 
card and printing. Eventually I found the version that caused the crash. 
Every version from that one had the bad card. Everything else about the 
stack (as far as I could tell) worked fine. I compared all the code 
between the last good stack and the bad one and there wasn't any 
difference. I tried printing on two different printers with the same 

This stack was never subject to a partial save. I didn't crash during a 
save and never ended up with a ~ file. 

The strange thing is, when I sent this stack to RunRev, they couldn't 
reproduce the crash when printing. So, was this stack corrupt? It seemed 
to be, but I don't know why the print crash couldn't be reproduced on a 
different system.

In any case, that's the only potentially corrupt stack I've run into with 

Howard Bornstein
D E S I G N  E Q

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