Images within lists

Dar Scott dsc at
Wed Dec 18 13:13:01 EST 2002

On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 10:13 AM, Howard Bornstein wrote:

>> I am confused by
>> something.  Does imageSource set the image by position in a field or by
>> the code of the character?
> This is a good question. Apparently both. It originally sets the image 
> by
> the position (char n of field x). However, once set, it isn't specific 
> to
> that position anymore. IOW, if you add a character before char n, the
> image doesn't move back one position. It stays with the character you 
> set
> it to. In addition, you can cut and paste the character which references
> the image and it moves where you paste it. The new image/character
> combination becomes its own entity.
So, I might use this as I would change, say, forgroundColor of a char, 
except this applies to only one char?

Dar Scott

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