Stack file organisation

Sarah sarahr at
Tue Dec 17 22:43:01 EST 2002

Hi All,

I am about to start a major project and I have various ideas about 
stack organisation that I wanted to float past the group and see if 
anyone had any experience or advice either way.

My application will have a set of interface stacks that do not need to 
be writable and a single data stack that is written to. This seems to 
lead to two possibilities:

1. Make it all in a single file and separate out all the sub-stacks 
when I build.
2. Make the interface stacks in one file (and build into a single file) 
and the data stack in another.

Then various pros & cons come to mind:

If I use separate sub-stacks:
- is there any possibility that my stacks can become corrupted? This is 
a major HyperCard failing, but may be solely due to HC's constant 
saving. Has anyone had a corrupt stack in Rev? I presume setting the 
cantModify would prevent anything like this.
- updating would only require me to update a single stack instead of 
the complete app although this could lead to confusion.
- can I update a single stack (other than the main stack) while the 
application is running, so long as it is not open at the time?

If I use a single interface stack file and a separate data stack file:
- how easy is it to refer to the data stack when it isn't in the same 
file? I don't want to be using the full path name every time.
- the entire set of interface stacks would have to be loaded on startup 
so memory might become a problem.
- installation is easier

Having written all this, I think I am swaying towards the separate 
sub-stacks option, but if anyone has any warnings or suggestions, now's 
the time :-)


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