Standalone Button Font Bloat

Mark Swindell mdswindell at
Tue Dec 17 21:07:01 EST 2002

on 12/17/02 5:23 PM, erik hansen at erikhans08 at wrote:

> --- Klaus Major <k_major at> wrote:
>> Hi Erik,
>>> --- Klaus Major <k_major at>
>> wrote:
>>>> sounds like you are using 2 different
>>>> mainstacks. One when developing and another
>> one
>>>> (splash screen) when building a
>> standalone...
>>> is "splash screen" a RunRev term or
>> colloquial?
>> This is colloquial for the method of using a
>> "splash screen" as
>> the mainstack and so being able to save other
>> stacks in a standalone.
> so is the "splash screen" stack also a
> standalone?

The splash screen stack becomes the standalone's main stack... the
application stack, I guess you could say.  The other stacks are substacks of
this stack, but since they are not directly part of the application they can
save changes written to them.  The docs say somewhere that because
applications are read-only on certain platforms, for cross-platform
consistency this feature was built into Revolution.  At least that is my
understanding of the scheme of things.


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