Apple Remote Desktop for Platform Testing

erik hansen erikhans08 at
Tue Dec 17 19:48:01 EST 2002

--- Alan Gayne <alanIra9 at> wrote:
> Hell!  I've still got one of the original 128K
> Macs in MY closet (you 
> know, the one with the autographs of the
> original Mac team embossed 
> inside the case) -- also a Mac Plus, a IIvx, a
> Quadra 650, a Performa  
> 5215 and soon to be joined by an iMac SE 400
> with a troublesome video 
> problem (not the video card, but supposedly
> something on the logic 
> board).  Each of these were used originally by
> me, passed down the line 
> to each of my two sons, and finally returned to
> me when they moved on 
> to newer models.
> But even though they are thoroughly obsolete
> (except for the iMac) I 
> can't quite bring myself to just put these old
> friends out with the trash.

they sound worth keeping but if you ever decide
to clean out your closet, there are groups that
accept donated "obsolete" hardware and recycle it
to low income students.

erik at

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