Offset mouseLoc?

Sarah sarahr at
Mon Dec 16 23:32:01 EST 2002

I have encountered this problem many times and like you, I initially 
decided that it was due to having a Mac menubar, but subsequent tests 
showed this was not always the case. This problem appears in Rev 
palettes also - I find it almost always impossible to reduce the size 
of an object using the little arrow buttons in the properties palettes. 
No matter where I click, the value increases.

To get around this in my own stacks, when I use little arrows (taken 
from the object library), I change the scripts as follows:

on mousedown
   if the mouseV < the top of me then put the mouseV + 26 into mV
   else put the mouseV into mV
end mouseDown

I found 26 pixels to be the best fix and as I was ignoring the 
horizontal mouse location, I hadn't noticed that it is also displaced.

Hopefully, this quirk is another problem solved in version 2 (only 1 
more sleep until beta day...)


On Tuesday, December 17, 2002, at 10:01  am, David Vaughan wrote:

> I have written code to drag a line from one field to another or 
> outside field boundaries to delete it. When I first did this I used 
> lines like:
> on mouseRelease
>    put the mouseLoc into dragLoc
>    if within(field "whatever",dragloc) then doSomething
>   ...
> (actually, I have a switch statement but for shorter explanation I'll 
> say if)
> I found in debugging that the mouseLoc function consistently shows a 
> location 23 pixels above the actual object location, or above that 
> delivered by the parameters to mouseMove. It also seems to be one 
> pixel left. That is, if mousemove says the loc is 170,123 then the 
> mouseLoc simultaneously returns 169,100. I have tested this in two 
> quite different stacks (OS X 10.2.2, Rev 1.1.1).
> This is not a current problem in that I abandoned mouseLoc and used 
> the loc of the object being dragged, but why is this happening? Does 
> it happen for anyone else? Is it consistent on all platforms? I'll 
> test in 2.0 when the beta appears.
> regards
> David
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