Another 2.0 Question

miscdas at miscdas at
Thu Dec 12 13:59:45 EST 2002

Monte Goulding writes: 

>> >Just a stab in the dark but I'd say they are waiting for the engine to be
>> >complete. Raney's on Beta 1 so they probably have a few more weeks yet. 
>> So how did they think that it was going to ship in November. 
> Well I'd say that the expected date for the engine was about then but a 2
> month discussion about the Drag and Drop API on the xTalks list slowed
> everything down. But it could have been anything. With 2.0 the RunRev team
> is attempting to close the gap between MC builds and Rev builds. That means
> there is two development timelines that need to converge. Two lots of
> testing. A hell of a lot of work to deliver a stable product. If we see it
> before Jan then it will be a miracle! 
> It will be a great product and well worth the wait. 
> Cheers 
> Monte 

I fail to see the point of all of these posts to the list. Why doesn't 
someone just go to the source then post the reply rather than continuing all 
the speculative drivel? 


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