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Manuel Companys mcompanys at mac.com
Wed Dec 11 16:29:01 EST 2002

> Just to be boringly pedantic, whiskey is US or Ireland, here in 
> Scotland
> it's whisky. We're too stingy to waste an extra letter!
> On Montag, Dezember 9, 2002, at 01:33  Uhr, Rod McCall wrote:
>> Ok, for what its worth I couldn't agree more. Even better for me
>> though I live next door (well for another month) to the Scottish Malt
>> Whiskey Society! Lets put it this way their menu is large and isn't
>> usually for food

The first time I went to the United States I was surprised to get 
Burbon  no mater I had ordered
Wiskey or Whisky [ my foreign accent wouldn't make it possible to 
recognize wether or not the E was there, anyway  ;-) ].

'Whisk(e)y is used for Rye or Burbon', I was told.

'If you want scotch, then say scotch'

Moreover, I want pure malt Scotch!

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