Saving the clipboard

Dan Friedman dan at
Wed Dec 11 14:52:01 EST 2002

Whoops... I spoke to soon.

I have a stack with 6 cards -- Stack "groupTemp".
On each card is a group.  The group on each card is named the same

So, I do:

Go card X of stack "groupTemp"
Copy group "objGroup" of card X of stack "groupTemp" to card 1 of stack

Now, if we are on card 1 of stack "groupTemp", then everything is fine.
However, if it is any other card, then the group is copied to stack
"myStack" but the text property of fields in the objects within the copied
group are empty.

Any ideas?


> Richard,
>> You could also use "copy <obj> to <dest>" option or the "clone" command to
>> replicate objects without disturbing the clipboard.
> Thank you so much for the suggestion!  It worked beautifully!
> - Dan

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