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Wed Dec 11 14:34:01 EST 2002

"Mathewson" <richmond at> wrote:

> DAMN: surely there must be a way not to have to convert and
> reimport 1000+ jpegs?
> The content is exactly the same on the CD-ROM as when it has
> been copied to a hard drive.

You know, I've been using jpgs in stacks which run from CDs for lots of 
projects and never had a problem with them, so I'd be surprised if the 
file format itself is the culprit. I can't think what it might be 
exactly, but some things to check are:

1. If the images are loaded from disk, check to make sure the file paths 
are correct when loaded from the CD.

2. Try setting the monitor's color depth to thousands.

Does Rev display the images if you manually load one into a stack? Maybe 
they weren't saved in a standard jpg format? I'm pretty sure the problem 
has to be something other than the fact that they are jpgs.

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