why won't my videoclip play?

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Tue Dec 10 00:01:01 EST 2002


What you should do is:

1) Start with a card (in a new stack if you're just testing things out).

2) Grab the player object tool (the one in the lower-right corner of the
tool palette), and drag out a rectangle.

3) Double-click on the player object to open the Properties palette. Click
on the "Player" tab.

4) Click the "Browse" button and find the quicktime movie you want to play.
Select it and click OK in the file picker.

What will happen is that the player object will resize itself to fit the
dimensions of the movie. The contents will still be blank (white), however,
but that's OK.

5) Determine whether you want to turn the buffer on - if you want to overlap
objects on top of the movie, or you want to be able to transition seamlessly
from one card to another at the end of the playback of a movie, turn the
buffer ON. Otherwise, leave it off. (Leaving it off means that QT will play
the movie directly to the screen in the rectangle, and Rev won't have any
"control" over it to allow it to layer other objects. This provides much
better performance (especially with larger movies)).

6) Determine if you want a controller. If you do, turn on the "Show
Controller" checkbox. You can manipulate the movies without the controller
just as easily, so don't feel you need to turn this on unless you want the
user to have control over the movie. Note that you can't use a controller on
a movie with the buffer turned on; it will show up, but you can't click on
the controller.

7) Choose the browse tool.

(If the player object is still white, choose the pointer tool and click the
movie again. If the buffer is on, you'll see the movie dispalyed.)

In any event, you can open the message box and type "play player 1" and
you'll see the movie run (if you have the controller displayed and buffer
off, you can now manipulate the movie with the controller). You can use the
"stop player <playerDesc>" command to stop (pause) the player, etc. Check
out play, stop, currentTime, endTime, stopTime, etc. tokens for more

If you need any more help, let us know,

Ken Ray
Sons of Thunder Software
Email: kray at sonsothunder.com
Web Site: http://www.sonsothunder.com/

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> At 20:45 +0000 9/12/02, I wrote:
> >More newbie blues -
> >
> >On a Mac (OS 9.2.2) I imported a video clip into a stack - it was a
> >little QT movie which plays fine in the QT Player. I then tried to
> >play it from the Application Overview and also via the message box.
> >In both cases I got a black rectangle on the card of the top stack,
> >and then some white nonsense letters flashing in the black rectangle
> >for longer than the original movie duration. And no sound. What did
> >I do wrong?
> After a tussle with the defaultFolder property (you can't just set it
> to the filepath of the folder containing this stack...) I got a
> different but equally unsatisfactory phenomenon by trying to run the
> original QT movie (not the clip) using the 'play' command in the
> Message box. No picture, and the sound was the "holy hellish
> scratching" described by Judy Perry. The sampling rate was maybe
> 'wrong' (it's 22.255 KHz with a depth of 8 bits), but where was the
> picture?
> Graham
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