Imported Images Are Darker

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Mon Dec 9 19:39:01 EST 2002

>> Thanks Chipp! In PS 5.5, I changed the gamma from 2.2 to 1.8 and the
>> images in photoshop now look the same as in Rev.
>...on a Mac.
>I think the default gamma setting was changed in PS to more closely match
>the default setting for the other 95% of computer users.
>I'd be interested in hearing how the images appear in Windows.
>Personally, I run my Mac at 2.2 so I can see the world as most others will
>see it.

Yes Richard, you're correct. This was on a Mac. I sort of forgot about 
the whole gamma issue and was glad to be able to know why the images 
appeared differently in PS and in Rev. In fact, the images in Rev while 
on Windows look the same as they do in PS, but not the same in Rev on a 

Now that I understand the issues, I think in the future I'll use the 2.2 
gamma in photoshop and for my cross-platform applications, design for 
Windows. Then I'll use the screengamma command when the app detects it's 
on a Mac to make the color appearance the same.

>I've long wondered:  does the Mac use the non-standard gamma for an
>objectively verifiable benefit, or was this just another Jobs thang?

Good question. I have no idea. :-)


Howard Bornstein
D E S I G N  E Q

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