Imported Images Are Darker

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Dec 9 21:03:00 EST 2002

Howard Bornstein wrote:

>> I've long wondered:  does the Mac use the non-standard gamma for an
>> objectively verifiable benefit, or was this just another Jobs thang?
> Good question. I have no idea. :-)

As Martin Baxtor pointed out:
> As I understand it, standard RGB monitor gamma (as defined by the
> hardware)
> gives a non-linear brightness response to voltage. Hence mid grey value
> 127,127,127 would appear on the monitor noticeably lighter than 'mid
> grey'.

So for print work it seems Apple's choice is a good one.

For multimedia work, though, the difference leaves us having to choose
between making things pretty for the Mac audience or the Windows audience,
but I don't know of a way to get optimal results for both. :(

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