VS: Mac RunRev can't open Win .rev file...

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Mon Dec 9 15:37:01 EST 2002

Hey Rob,

My PC-using students have been wondering this also... so you say the steps

(1)  Launch Rev (on the Mac)
(2)  Open the message box
(3)  type "open stack "StackName" (or some such thing)


BTW, I tried resetting the creator/file types info using DropInfo but that
still didn't do the trick, so perhaps the problem is more than just that?



On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Rob Cozens wrote:

> But until a stack is saved on Mac OS, it will not contain the Mac OS
> Creator & File Types that designate it as a Revolution document; so
> it must be opened via the message box instead of clicking on it.

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