Newbie Mac sound questions

Klaus Major k_major at
Mon Dec 9 15:09:00 EST 2002

Hi Graham,

> I'm converting some SuperCard projects which have sounds (and maybe 
> other stuff) in the Resource Fork. I don't have a copy of ResEdit any 
> more (does it run on MacOS 9.2.2 - doesn't seem to be in the Apple 
> archive). Can anyone suggest a way  to extract these resources? I 
> tried a shareware app called 'SndSampler' but it claims there aren't 
> any 'snd' resources in my SC file (there are).

ResEdit works here on 9.2.2 in classic mode.

Drop a line and i will send you ResEdit...

> Ålso, AFAICS the Revo documentation doesn't seem to say much about 
> what sound files one can play - I have already gathered that 
> Mac-native sounds are a no-no. Apart from aif (is '.aif' the correct 
> extension for Windows systems?),


> what other formats are allowed

Without QuickTIme installed on the target machine
you should stay with .aif, .au or .wav files.

NO compressed aif and wav, if i remember right.

With QuickTime you can use everything that QT can play !!!
(...and that's a lot !!!)

> (clearly one can play a QuickTime soundtrack, for example)

Sure, see above...

>  What is the most efficient way of playing a short sound with no delay,
> to give the effect of a system beep, or a rollover sound like you'd 
> have in a Flash movie?

Use a player. Really, works fine, is fast..., trust me :-)

> Graham

Hope that helps...


Klaus Major
k_major at

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