Imported Images Are Darker

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Dec 9 01:46:01 EST 2002

Howard Bornstein wrote:

>> Photoshop has a different gamma setting. You can reset it to NONE or Windows
>> if you like.
> Thanks Chipp! In PS 5.5, I changed the gamma from 2.2 to 1.8 and the
> images in photoshop now look the same as in Rev.

...on a Mac.

I think the default gamma setting was changed in PS to more closely match
the default setting for the other 95% of computer users.

I'd be interested in hearing how the images appear in Windows.

Personally, I run my Mac at 2.2 so I can see the world as most others will
see it.

I've long wondered:  does the Mac use the non-standard gamma for an
objectively verifiable benefit, or was this just another Jobs thang?

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