Sequential Layout of Script-created Objects

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Dec 8 17:24:01 EST 2002

Bernard Devlin wrote:
> This is the code that loops through the controls and (conditionally) deletes
> them:
> repeat with x = 1 to the number of controls of group "grpButtons" of stack
> "Map"
> put the name of control x of group "grpButtons" of stack "Map" into
> theControl
> if word 1 of theControl is "button" then
> delete control theControl of group "grpButtons" of stack "Map"
> end if
> end repeat
> What appears to be happening is that the number of controls is being reduced
> because of the deletions, and after a certain point the control to which the
> next x refers has been deleted.  This seems like strange behaviour to me.
> Should "the number of controls" be re-evaluated on each iteration of the loop?
> But the number of iterations of x has been set at the start, and that does not
> get re-evaluated.  I have checked this in the debugger and this is what is
> happening.  About halfway through the process, the number of controls falls
> below the number of the next control to be deleted.
> What is the best way round this in Transcript?

repeat with x = the number of controls of group "grpButtons" of stack down
to 1

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