Inserting accented characters

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Fri Dec 6 07:27:36 EST 2002

Thanks, Chipp.  This is along the lines of what I am thinking.  However, I
think it will be more flexible if I configure a field where users can paste the
fully accented characters.  I will then have a menu option to bring up a
(sorted) scrollable pallete of buttons (each displaying one of the accented
characters) and on clicking the button, place the associated character into the
field.  When users are actively typing text that contains many accented
characters they can just leave the pallette open.

This way the accented character list is user-extensible, and can grow
considerably.  And users don't have to memorise the key combinations.  However,
for those users that already know them (and are fast typists) I will look at
trapping all the standard combos so that they can just type them in the field.
Maybe it will be better to let the users associate an accented character with a
key combo - and then I can just trap anything that is in their specified list
and substitute the associated character.

I'm surprised that a handler to do this does not already exist.  I would have
thought there would at least be one for Hypercard (that applies to the Mac OS
combos, obviously).  I will see if I can trawl the internet for one.

Now I just need to find out how to make the pallette scrollable.  I think I
already know enough to do the rest.

> I don't have any easy answers here, if the key commands don't work in a
> field then you may want to try and trap them and insert into the field the
> correct codes. I have a menu called "Special Chars" which I use to do some
> of this...
> on menuPick pWhich
>   switch pWhich
>   case "copyright mark"
>     if the selectedChunk contains "field" then
>       put "©" after the selectedChunk

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