inserting accented characters

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Fri Dec 6 09:34:01 EST 2002

> A small instruction text 
> available on demand on each screen explains how to type, and in my 
> experience they learn it very quickly.

Do you mean that the instructions are like "type 'control+c (pause) ,' "?
I've tried with a few characters, and whilst they work in Wordpad and put 
the appropriate accents onto the letter (e.g. works with ` ^ and the cedilla).

I cannot see that Rev on Win32 (natively) responds to the keyboard combinations
that other apps recognize.  Maybe the situation is different on the Mac.

I want to provide a system that's user-extensible.  I've really no idea which
words from which languages they might want to use.

Provided that I'm not missing something with regard to the native capabilities
of Rev in handling 'international' characters, I don't mind developing my own

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