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>Thanks for replying.  However, I'm a bit confused by your reply. Does this
>relate to a pallete of accents that I create myself:

I'm still not sure I understand you; wasn't your aim to let users 
type text included accented letters into a field? This was what I 
replied to, ie. how a user type the accented letters. -I have 
students in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Norwegian typing 
various accented letters into a field. A small instruction text 
available on demand on each screen explains how to type, and in my 
experience they learn it very quickly.

Perhaps the misunderstanding relates to "accented letters" which I 
have interpreted as letters with accent aigu, umlaut etc. If you were 
thinking of other unusual letters such as ç (c cédille), ¦ (o+e), the 
Scandinavian æ, ø, å etc. (I do not know if these letters come across 
in this posting since I'm on a Mac), the situation is different. In 
that case it is convenient to have the letters present on the screen, 
either in a specific field or as name/label of buttons. When a letter 
is chosen (clicked on), just let your scripting take care of 
inserting it after the last character of the field.

If you prefer a text field you put the following script into the 
field (which is locked):
on mouseUp
put the clickText after fld fieldname
end mouseUp

If you use buttons:
on mouseUp
put the short name of the target  -- or: put the label of the 
target-- after fld fieldname
end mouseUp

If you want to make use of a palette, you can place the text or the 
buttons on it, but there is no need for a palette. I usually have a 
button on a screen labeled "How to type" or similar. When clicked, a 
field appears with the appropriate help.


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