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Scott Slaugh xslaugh at
Thu Dec 5 17:38:01 EST 2002

>>>Yes, I have used that before.  My problem with
>>>that is that it only puts
>>>color on top of the image-if I then move my
>>>image, the color doesn't move
>>>with it.  I would like to see something that
>>>would let me both create and
>>>edit premade images.
>I dont really understand what you are looking for, but maybe it helps if 
>you have a look at
>or more sophisticated but OSX only Omnigraffle. Both can export images in 
>the important formats like gif (animated) png, pict jpeg etx... which you 
>can handle then in rev...

I have an image editor that works well.  But I would like to see an editor 
put into Revolution at some point that could do the things my image editor 

Scott Slaugh
>Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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