Forced Quit in Windows

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I'm not sure, but can you see if you get a "closestackrequest" message to
the current card? It's possible that Windows may just "request" Rev to

As far as "print from the Finder" is concerned, you can do this by
right-clicking a file in the desktop and choosing "Print" (at least under
Win2k and XP)...

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> Folks
> Pardon my ignorance of Windows (any version), but is there an
> equivalent of the Apple Event which informs an application that it
> has been ordered to quit? On the Mac, such things arise primarily
> from the OS shutting down, and if you process the 'quit' event you
> can make your app - really in the Revo case, the apps' date files,
> since the program itself is write-protected - shut down in good
> order. Of course this doesn't remove the obligation to initialise
> properly when your app is launched, since it (or the machine) may
> have crashed last time out - nevertheless it's a useful facility.
> Anyway, if such a mechanism exists, how would I set about using it
> inside a Revolution standalone?
> While asking, does anyone know if Windows has the equivalent to the
> 'print from the Finder' event on the Mac, where the OS invokes your
> app just to print one of its documents - and of course the app has to
> be set up to do just this. Again, if so, what is the mechanism for
> detecting and processing this command correctly in Revo?
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