Busy cursor - wait while quicktime sound is played.

Carsten Levin carstenlist at itinfo.dk
Thu Dec 5 10:56:01 EST 2002

Hello RunRev support.
ITinfo & INDesign has 3 professionel licenses.

Present Rev. version and OS: Revolution 1.1.1 on Mac OS X 10.2.2 (but it
would be rather nice i compatible with Win/Mac OS 9 as well).

We previously used the external Record sound to record sounds and store
And when playing the files we could use ³wait until the sound is done. And
it worked perfect!

How do we get the pause/busy cursor effect with the ³record sound file²

In some cases we need to play 6-36 sentences with one script ­ and we need
to make the script wait until the previous one has finished before starting
the next. And even when only playing one we want the cursor to be ³busy² and
to make it impossible for the user to interfere while the sound is playing.
³Wait until the sound is done² did this, but doesnt work with the QT files.

Best regards

Carsten Levin

Ps. our old and new scripts pasted here:

First the old aif external example ­ record and playing in the same script:
on srtoptag
    get extInit(MacinfoBA,3050298)
    put  glbstilfilsti & "ress/sounds/opgavelyde/" & glbLydnavn & ".aif"
into tempSOUND
    ext_recordSound tempSOUND,1
    set the cursor to busy
    play tempSOUND
    wait until the sound is done
end srtoptag

The new scripts that works perfectly well, except for the missing cursorbusy
pause. First the record script and then the play script:
We are recording and storing sound files on the disk with this script:
on srtoptagopgavelyd
  global glbglosefilsti
  global glblydformat
  global  glbopgavenummer
  record sound file (glbglosefilsti & "ress/sounds/opgavelyde/opgavetale" &
glbopgavenummer &".mov")as glblydformat
end srtoptagopgavelyd
glbglosefilsti is the path to the folder with our revolution stack.
glblydformat is where we deside what sound format to use.
glbopgavenummer is the specifik sound number.

We are playing the sound files with this script:
on srtafspilopgavelyd
  global glbglosefilsti
  global  glbopgavenummer
  play videoclip (glbglosefilsti & "ress/sounds/opgavelyde/opgavetale" &
glbopgavenummer &".mov")
end srtafspilopgavelyd 

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