Calling online Help from a Rev application

William T. Simmons tsimmons at
Mon Dec 2 02:46:01 EST 2002

Using Revolution 1.1.1 (Professional license), WinXP Pro, IE 6:

In addition to my employment law software, I do a lot of WinHelp and HTML
Help development and am working on connecting Windows Help files to
Rev-built applications. I've noticed that the code for calling each type of
Help file is quite different:
WinHelp: launch "winhlp32 -n 1 startchm.hlp"
(where "-n 1" refers to a specific topic; the WinHelp file is located in the
same folder as the Rev application)

HTML Help:  launch "c:\windows\hh.exe
(where the file name after the "::/" refers to the specific topic)

Does anyone know why WinHelp can be called without the specific path
information that is apparently needed to call an HTML Help file?

I'm also going to be investigating ways to connect WebHelp to a Rev
application (WebHelp is a cross-browser, cross-platform variety of Help
file, created with RoboHelp), but right now I'm curious about the
proprietary PC Help file formats.

BTW, if anyone has any better techniques for calling context-sensitive Help
from a Rev application on Windows, I'd very much appreciate hearing about

Tommy Simmons
Employment Law Advisory Network

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