array: why does this not work?

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It's because your incoming variable can't be immediately resolved as an
array. You need to use "do" to put it togethre before returning the result:

local myArray

on mouseUp
  put 100 into myArray["test"]
  answer getArray("myArray","test")
end mouseUp

function getArray pArray,pKey
  do "put " & pArray & "[" & pKey & "] into temp"
  return temp
end getArray

Note the "local myArray" - in order for the "getArray" function to "know"
about the myArray array, it needs to be available to it either as a declared
"script local" or global variable.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: array: why does this not work?

> hello:  i have the following function that basically replaces get
> theArray[theKey];  put it.
> function gF_getA pArray, pKey
>    get pArray[pKey]
>    return it
> end gF_getA
> however, this function doesn't return anything, although the array
> contains the correct values.
> alternatively, i tried the following code with no positive result:
> function gF_getA pArray, pKey
>    get pArray[quote & pKey & quote]
>    return it
> end gF_getA
> thank you for your help!  best, olli.
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