alignment of combo box label text

Brad Allen BradAllen at
Sat Aug 31 19:35:00 EDT 2002

All my combo boxes look funny under Windows. The label text is 
scrunched in the upper left of the button, making it difficult to 
read. It looks a little better on the Mac, but I'd like to be able to 
control the alignment of the label text of combo buttons. Is there 
currently a way to do this?

I tried the following, but it didn't work: set the textshift of 
button "CPU Model" to 3

Most of the text properties of the button don't affect the label, so 
I can't change the alignment or the spacing between the label and the 
top of the button. However, for some reason the font size and style 
do affect the label of the button.

In Transcript, of course, it doesn't make sense to set the property 
of a property, and a label is just a property, not an object unto 
itself. Since the combo button uses labels instead of containing text 
(like fields), some of the properties such as the textAlign don't 
seem to apply. It wouldn't make sense to say "set the textAlign of 
the label of button myButton", right?


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