strange indentation

Brad Allen BradAllen at
Fri Aug 30 15:07:01 EDT 2002

     On one of my stacks, running under Rev 1.1.1, I'm seeing some 
strange indentation in the scripts assocatied with switch blocks. 
I've seen this behavior on both Windows 2000 and Mac OS 10.1.5. Here 
is how it looks (the first case looks fine, but the second case has 
irregular indentation.)

     switch clientPlatform12
     case "MacOS"
       put getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"IP address") into ip11 --for Mac
       put getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"RAM") into ram13 --for Mac
       put word 1 of getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"Mac OS 
Version") into OSvers14 --for Mac
       put getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"Applescript Report Date") 
into asDate15 --for Mac
       put getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"Processor Speed") into 
pspeed16 --for Mac
       put getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"Processor Type") into 
ptype17 --for Mac
       put getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"Model Name") into 
modelName18 --for Mac
       put getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"Number of Processors") 
into numP19 --for Mac
       put getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"Keyboard") into kbd20 --for Mac
       put getReportTextSection (textBucket,"<Memory Overview>") into 
mem21 --for Mac
       put getReportTextSection (textBucket,"<Devices and Volumes>") 
into dev22 --for Mac
       put getReportTextSection (textBucket,"<Printer Overview>") into 
print23 --for Mac
     case "Win32"
            global win32swRefList
            put getW32swReferenceList() into win32swReferenceList
getTagContent(textBucket,"<ipconfigInfo>","</ipconfigInfo>") into 
       put getTagContent(textBucket,"<environVars>","<\environVars>") 
into environVarText
       put extractWin32ethernetAddress(ipconfigText) into ethernetAddress
            put extractWin32ipAddress(ipconfigText) into ip11
getTagContent(textBucket,"<systemVersion>","</systemVersion>") into 
       put getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"PC CPU Model") into numP19
       put "OEM Label: " & getReportTextProperty (cpuheader,"OEM 
Label") into print23
extractWin32environVar("NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS",environVarText) into 
            put empty into ram13
            put "n/a" into asDate15
            put empty into pspeed16
            put empty into mem21
            put empty into dev22

     end switch

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