Where did all my images go??

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Fri Aug 30 15:03:01 EDT 2002

Hi again,

I am wondering if the following is a known bug.  I have been working on a
Harry Potter game of sorts using Rev 1.1.1 on Mac OSX.  I have 3 or 4
substacks.  I have a background group.  I have many images that were links
to the image files rather than embedded/imported into the stack itself
(largely because when I used the picture/graphic tool and double-clicked
the container I created, I only saw the option to link and, never
considering that an image could be a 'control', only recently figured out
how to import).

Anyway, so probably not the best way of going about it, but it was working
fine for several weeks until yesterday.  I opened my mainstack and, poof!
No graphics.  Zip.  Nada.  Nuthin'.  I didn't move the graphics, didn't
modify them, I rechecked the path for the link... Just no images.

As you can imagine, this can make one rather cross.

Any ideas?

Many kind thanks,

Judy Perry

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