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On 8/29/02 1:55 PM, "Yennie at" <Yennie at> wrote:

> One thought: the Darwin engine probably expects POSIX-style paths, as does
> Metacard 2.4.3 (and most likely Rev 1.5?).
> Does the script work with relative paths?
> I would try with this style path:
> /Library/WebServer/Documents/somefile.txt
> instead of something like:
> /Macintosh HD/Library/WebServer/Documents/somefile.txt
> HTH,
> Brian
> <<After following the cgi thread, I successfully created the obligatory "Hello
> World" cgi script. However after experimenting further with "get URL
> tURLArticlePath",  I realized that the server (local Apache runing on OS X
> 10. 1.5) would return an empty string. I'm wondering whether this is because
> of it being an unsupported feature of the Darwin version of the MetaCard
> engine, or is it something much more arcane? I should add that locally,
> using the Rev environment this works without a hitch. If any sapient
> CGI/Rev/Apache/Pearl-knowing guru could explain why, I'd be...>>

Hi Brian,

The tURLArticlePath contains an absolute path like
³² It works locally from Rev
environment, but doesn¹t work from the local server. What¹s worse, is that
if you put ³return or put the result², you get nothing either. I tried using
open file tURLArticlePath foe read, but no luck as well.

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