trimming ?

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Wed Aug 21 08:52:01 EDT 2002

>>This is what I use:
>>function trimText pText
>>   put cr & tab & space into tTrimChars
>>   repeat while char 1 of pText is in tTrimChars
>>     delete char 1 of pText
>>   end repeat
>>   repeat while char -1 of pText is in tTrimChars
>>     delete char -1 of pText
>>   end repeat
>>   return pText
>>end trimText
>Another variation I use:
>function trim theText
>   repeat for each word w in theText
>     put w & space after temp
>   end repeat
>   delete last char of temp
>   return temp
>end trim

Dave, Jacque, et al:

If you're simultaneously stripping leading AND trailing spaces on a 
single line of text, can't you just use "get word 1 to -1 of theText"?

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