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Bob Arnold rfarnold at
Tue Aug 20 09:29:00 EDT 2002

Tony Moller wrote:

> Okay, I'm about to give up on menus altogether. Everything was great last
> night/this morning. Thanks to HyperActive's conversion guide, I had gotten
> the menu's to show up on all the cards, the card window was properly
> resizing on a Mac and not on a PC... I was in heaven. Or so I though. Now I
> noticed that every time I double click on the stack file to start it in
> 'player' mode (on the Mac), I loose 22 pixels of the screen. Quit, reopen,
> loose another 22 pixels. My window is being eaten away! This also happens
> when I start Rev in developer mode first, then open my stack file.
> Someone please tell me this is a bug in Rev... and not something I did.

I have had all sorts of inconsistent problems with RR menu groups and yes, I
have run into this resizing inconsistency too, although I avoid the "player"
mode. My advice is to avoid the resizing situation, as I explained earlier,
by hiding the menu group.

Given your need of cross-platform compatibility, you can do the following:
"place" the menu group on all cards of the stack (which I think you have
done already) but make sure they share the same group id and name, with bg
behavior on. Hide this group in MacOS and show it in Windows builds -- this
could be done automatically with a startup or openstack handler using the
Platform functions, as in:

If "win" is in the Platform then (or-- if "Mac" is not in the platform then)
    Show bg group "menubar 1" of stack stackname
    Hide bg group "menubar 1" of stack stackname
End if

This is what I have done, and it works, and the resizing problems have gone

I hope this helps.

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