scrollingList fld color

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Mon Aug 19 11:34:01 EDT 2002

At 3:10 pm +0300 19/8/02, sims wrote:

>I have a small database which I save as a customProp
>and then display only one item of that customProp in the
>scrolling list fld. That way, I can click on the scrolling list fld
>and several flds get populated with the appropriate data from a line
>in the customProp.
>When I save changes to that customProp I include in the repeat:
>   if item 6 of tF is "true" then set the foregroundColor of line 
>tLine in fld "urlList" to "Blue"
>I have tried foreColor also with no luck. It sets the color just 
>fine but I end
>up not being able to click on that line in the scrolling list fld.
>Am using Mac  OS 10.1.5

What happens when you click on the colored line? No hiliting at all? 
What about when you click on the non-colored lines?

Have you set any properties of the field, or have you just used the 
standard scrolling list field from the tools palette? Make sure you 
haven't set the hiliteColor of the field (or the object it inherits 
from -  group,card, stack, etc) to the same as the background color.


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