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> Re: OSX App to print fill-in forms
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> On Friday, August 16, 2002, at 08:53  PM, Jim Witte wrote:
>>   (I'm cross-posting this to the RunRev list because it seems 
>> something
>> like this might have already been done by someone using Rev..)
>>   Does anyone know of an application that can be used to print custom
>> fill-in forms?  Over the course of about an hour, I tediously
>> constructed a template in ClarisDraw for the mailing labels I use, but
>> it's hard to use (no way to automate that I know of except for
>> QuicKeys, which would be more work than it's worth..), but I'd like to
>> generate a template for postal customs forms, which would be a lot
>> harder.
>>   PageMaker would be ideal as it allows you to specify absolute
>> positioning of any element, but the version I have is 4.2.  Any other
>> ideas?
> Revolution? Sure, can be done.
> But for what you describe - Acrobat.

If classic in OS X is unacceptable then I see only Acrobat for that too!
If classic in OS X is acceptable then there is a german "thing" 
called Ragtime, wich is imho the best for forms.

Never seen a better tool to make any kind of forms. I used the 
old one so many years and still use it in classic Mode. its a 
kind of Xpress (frame based) for the Office but with a 
The frames can be text, calc (for spreadsheet and/or tables) and 
pictures. And also the Text in the frames can be formated in any 
style. Every cell in the spreadsheet can be a Textframe.
You can draw the frames to any form and position them exactly by 
coordinates anywhere in an size. (Left right pages to print 
forms with any nunmber of sides. etc...
Version 3 is a good old Mac Software (first release in 86 i 
think) but it works fine and extremly fast in Classic. Even the 
last 5.x (I have not tried it in Classic) wich is a bit -hmmm a 
big bit- feature overloaded should work well.

Its gratis for personal us, professional version is about 900$ 
(i dont know exactly at the moment).

To make it clear: I have nothing to do with this company, but I 
like the idea of this tool. Its simply great Mac software.
If you ahve any question drop me line.
Hope that helps.

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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