Dan Shafer : Wired HC Article - rev too complicated?

Pierre-Marie carette.pierre-marie at wanadoo.fr
Thu Aug 15 05:31:01 EDT 2002

I agree with Dan
The first step in HC was cool
The first step in Rev is awful for a beginner (not for a old lover of HC 
like me)

But this list illustrates that the second step in Rev is too awful even 
for a not beginner
This list is full of exceptions, particularities (it's not only the 
fault of Rev, obviously).

To illustrate the problem see http://www.macintouch.com/hypercard.html
Perhaps "Norpath Elements Studio" is the solution for beginner
Perhaps Revolution understands the threat and will make a good and easy 
It's urgent :actually you lost customers for that reason (all my friends 
don't want enter in Rev although they have a good teacher...me!  :)  )
That's a pity to see the best HC-savior losts its chance  (think about 
Bill Atkinson's which thinks he missed the mark )

the dilemma : tool only for developper or tool for users ?
Think to Project Builder. Compare with Rev......access
Think to HTML-XML... with product like Tinderbox ...compare with your 
Soap Toolbox ....
It's wonderful effort for you and the developpers  ( and I don't forget 
to congratulate your works, friendly)
The users vote for products like Tinderbox or others....

The history always answers : "the winners is who give more facility, 
more quickly and for more numerous people"
Don't forget this : make quickly a easy entrance to Rev not to make 
Rev-application but to live better with computers

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