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> Rev imports HTML, which can contain styles:
>   answer file "Select a file to import:"
>   if it is empty then exit to top
>   set the htmlText of fld 1 to url ("file:"&it)

Thanks Richard,
I don´t know what the Profile Manager does with html, I have not 
tried it, because importing html would be also a costly 
solutions for my problem, because I must export and/or convert 
every single topic from an Outlinerprogramm to a html file. So i 
have to organise and update separatly to import them. (in small 
project will be hundreds of files in bigger maybe thousands! And 
what I have seen playing with revs html import has caused me to 
forget this way immediately:
I have textfields, with a fixed size. And the text (of the file) 
must fit in these field in every OS, - without scrolling. Or 
must be readable also for older Users. So it must be possible to 
define "crossplatform-savy" exactly the size of the fonts, what 
is, as I know, in html only possible with CSS. Refering to a 
thread about CSS some time ago, rev´s html is a "kind of non 
standard" and far away from Standard CSS.
The problem is that rev lacks not only importing rtf files, also 
lacks copy/paste formated text and last but not least still 
lacks drag and drop (rev based), what could be the best solution 
for the moment, if the text does not loose the style during 
dragging or copying.
I m playing now with some Macro programms. Maybe i can find a 
solution there with automation or anything else...

Any ideas are wellcome! Thanks in advance.

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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