Auto-executable application with Revolution

Klaus Major k_major at
Wed Aug 7 10:40:01 EDT 2002

Dag Peter,

> Hi-
> Is it possible to make an auto-executable application (for Mac and Win
> platforms) with Revolution? That is, I pop a CD with the compiled
> application on it and it starts up by itself without dubbel-clicking, or
> opening it first. If yes, what would the code/script look like 
> (briefly).
> Many thanks in advance
> --
> Peter Lundh

auto-executable applications are a OS-specific thing.

That means that ANY application could be auto-executable.

On the mac the cd-burning application should support this ability
to burn a cd that will autolauch a desired app. (TOAST does, it
is called autostart here...)

But be aware:
This is something that the user can disable !!!
So don't rely on it !!!

And since one of the rare Mac-viruses used (still uses ?)
especially this feature, i am sure most mac-users will have disabled
that "feature".

On windows you just have to include a simple text-file on the cd
called "autorun.inf".

Here is a small example:


This tiny script will tell windoze to display the icon "youriconhere.ico"
for the cd and will start the application "setup.exe" if the user did not
disable this feature.

All these files have to be on the 1st level of the cd.
But not necessarily if you provide the right path in this file.

Chances are good that it will work on most pcs, since most pc-users do
not alter any of the windows-factory-settings ;-)

Hope this helps.

If not, just drop another mail...


Klaus Major
k_major at

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