3 Questions from a New User

Boguss Twentysix boguss26 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 5 03:35:01 EDT 2002

Hello Revolutionists,

It would be greatly appreciated if a knowledgeable Revolution user could
supply answers to the following three questions:

(1) Menu Manager Functionality.  How do I put line breaks into a dialog such
as "About" that is called from a menu item?  I cannot figure out how to do
this with the "answer" command.  It is desirable to display something like

Hello World
By James Wages
Version 1.0, August 2002
Copyright 2002

But right now, the "answer" command crams everything onto a single line.

(2) Menu Manager Functionality.  Is it possible to call custom icons into
dialogs via the answer command (or another similar command) (i.e., icons
other than "information" and the like)?  If now, how about placing a custom
graphic inside a dialog (such as the "About" dialog)?

(3) Distribution Builder: MacOS Options.  Under the "Macintosh Memory
Information" cluster, how do I know what to input into the "Suggested,"
"Minimum" and "Preferred Size" fields?

Thank you,

James Wages

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