Send to list field

John Cuccio jcuccio at
Sun Aug 4 21:51:00 EDT 2002

It is my mouseup handler.

on mouseup
    put word 2 of the selectedline into x
    -- reset of script that needs X
end mouseup

The line number that is selected is need for the script. The hilitedline
does not send this info. So when the mouseup is sent it does not have any
info in the selectedline.

I think I will try this.

on mouseup -- in the field
    dothing (word 2 of the selectedline of me)
end mouseup

on script
     set the hilitedline of field x to 3
    dothing (3)
end script

on dothing x
    -- script
end dothing
Maybe this is the best help. Helping myself. After writing this message I
think this may be a  better way then what I was thinking. Any feed back also

Thank you

>How do I simulate clicking a line in a list field from a script.
>I know how to hilite a line in the list field. I tried sending a mouseup but
>that does not work. I do have code in the mouseup handler of the field.
>on script
>     set the hilitedline of field x to 3
>     send "mouseup" to field x
>end script

>>That basic script works fine for me. The mouseUp handler of the field
>>gets executed. So there may be a bug or logic error in the mouseUp
>>handler. Have you tried doing this with something simple in the
>>mouseUp handler like "beep" or something?

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