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Dan Shafer dan at
Fri Aug 2 22:03:01 EDT 2002

David Vaughan wrote:
>This is interesting, not only for your exploration of what the 
>documentation means but how you plan to write your application. To 
>save everyone else rushing to the Dictionary, this is written under 
>the scriptLimits function and pertains to Rodney's questions:
>Statements permitted when changing a script (normally 10)
>Statements permitted in a do command (normally 10)
>Stacks permitted in the stackInUse (normally 50)
>Number of objects permitted in the frontScripts and backScripts (normally 10).
>The first number does not limit scripts that are already written. In 
>other words, a Starter Kit [standalone] user can use a stack with 
>scripts of any length. however, if that stack attempts to change an 
>object's script property, and the script contains more than the 
>allowable number of statements, the attempt to set the script causes 
>an error.
>The above limits apply only when you use the Starter Kit. 
>(Standalone applications you create with Revolution also have these 
>limitations, since standalones are freely distributable and are not 
>themselves licensed.) If you are using a licensed copy of 
>Revolution, these limits do not apply and the scriptLimits functions 
>returns empty.

Wow. This is a bit surprising. I can see the rationale for the new 
script-size limitation and I suppose the do command sort of would be 
a back-door way around that limit if it weren't imposed. But it 
*will* artificially (and I think unnecessarily) limit some kinds of 
applications which won't be able to be built using the product. I 
suppose there are justifications for this kind of thing but it always 
makes me wonder about the priorities of the publishers of the 
software. It too often seems -- and I'm not making this judgement 
here about Revolution, so don't go jumping on me! -- that some 
publishers are more worried about protecting themselves against the 
extreme unlikelihood that someone would essentially use their product 
to create a competitor than they are about the ultimate usability of 
the tool.

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