Double-Clicking a file

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Mon Dec 31 12:58:00 EST 2001

You retrieve the environment variable $0. So if your Rev doc is
double-clicked and opens a Rev executable, you can (in the executable) say:

on preOpenStack
  if $0 is not empty then
    open stack $0
  end if
end preOpenStack

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> Greetings again,
> On the Mac, I can obtain information from the Finder to see what file the
> user double clicked so that I can open that file in my standalone (using
> creator/file code).  However, how does one do this in Windows?
> If my installer modifies the registry so that ".huh" files are opened with
> my application, and the user double clicks a ".huh" files, how do I trap
> incoming event from Windows?
> As always, thank you in advance for your time,
> Dan Friedman
> ClearVision Technologies, Inc.
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