message box vanishes

Andre Rombauts andre.rombauts at
Sun Dec 30 08:51:01 EST 2001

> For those who can't find the msg box with Rev 1.1 and Windows, here is
> another way in addition to what has already been posted.
> Select 'Rev UI Stack in Lists' (View Menu) and in the Application Overview
> select
> revmessagebox.rev. Select properties and get the stack script. In
> dimensions, set the location to values that will be within your screen size.

Thanks. That was it!

But the fact is that I first reinstalled the 1.1 version: I had several
system crashes. But I still got the same problem! Thus I used your

 I think the message box stack is outside a 800x600 screen when first
launching the Win version... Perhaps there should be some kind of "reset
button" in furture versions... ... :-)


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