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Kevin Miller kevin at
Sun Dec 30 08:47:09 EST 2001

On 30/12/01 11:16 am, sims <sims at> wrote:

> 1. When I use the following script to scale the size of the image after
> displaying it by means of the filename handler, I will get random type 1 & 3
> errors after quitting. Is there something wrong with my script or am
> I wrong to think
> I can do this?
> on mouseUp
>      put the u_Image of btn "filenameAsk" into tImage -- NAME OF IMAGE
>      if tImage=""
>      then
>      exit mouseUp
>      end if
> set the lockScreen to true
> set the locklocation of image tImage  to false
> put the u_tW1 of me into tW --  ORIGINAL WIDTH OF IMAGE
> put the u_tH1 of me into tH  --  ORIGINAL HEIGHT OF IMAGE
>  put the thumbPosition of me into tThumb
>  put  tThumb/100 into tPercentage
>  put tW*tPercentage into tNW
>  put tH*tPercentage into tNH
>  set the width of  image tImage to tNW
>  set the height of  image tImage to tNH
> set the topLeft of image tImage to 322,18
>  set the locklocation of image tImage to true
> end mouseUp
> 2. I get random System error type 10 Bombs which require restarts.
> Is this something to do with the Fat engine? Anyone have a clue that
> might help me to cure this?  I just had 3 such restarts this
> hour...frustrating..!
> Any help & suggestions is appreciated...

If this continues to happen in the 1.1.1Beta 1 release then please send me a
copy of the stack with directions of what to do to see the problem here.



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