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Sun Dec 30 07:18:01 EST 2001

I have an app which enable me to use the filename feature and
display an image from a folder of jpegs (all under 75k).  I have a
text field layered over the image so that I can make text appear to
be part of the image (layered on top).

I then use the import snapshot from rect  (which saves an the area of 
the image of the
combo image & text fld)...

Then I export as jpeg to save a jpeg which is a copy of the original image
with text now part of the image.

I then  select and delete the snapshot from the app...leaving me with
a customised version of the original image jpeg (it now has text on it also).

I am doing this on a Mac OS 9.1 with 384MB RAM, using the new
Revolution-1.1.1-Classic-B1 and building the standalone with
the Fat engine. I have tried many different memory allocations
(up to 50000).

Two issues:

1. When I use the following script to scale the size of the image after
displaying it by means of the filename handler, I will get random type 1 & 3
errors after quitting. Is there something wrong with my script or am 
I wrong to think
I can do this?

on mouseUp
       put the u_Image of btn "filenameAsk" into tImage -- NAME OF IMAGE
       if tImage=""
       exit mouseUp
       end if
set the lockScreen to true
set the locklocation of image tImage  to false
put the u_tW1 of me into tW --  ORIGINAL WIDTH OF IMAGE
put the u_tH1 of me into tH  --  ORIGINAL HEIGHT OF IMAGE
   put the thumbPosition of me into tThumb
   put  tThumb/100 into tPercentage
   put tW*tPercentage into tNW
   put tH*tPercentage into tNH
   set the width of  image tImage to tNW
   set the height of  image tImage to tNH
set the topLeft of image tImage to 322,18
   set the locklocation of image tImage to true
end mouseUp

2. I get random System error type 10 Bombs which require restarts.
Is this something to do with the Fat engine? Anyone have a clue that
might help me to cure this?  I just had 3 such restarts this 

Any help & suggestions is appreciated...

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