message box vanishes

William T. Simmons tsimmons at
Sat Dec 29 13:24:56 EST 2001

That could be due to the message box having been moved outside of the
visible screen area. I've done that myself sometimes with Rev and with other
apps. Perhaps you can try scripting a test stack to make the message box
appear at specified coordinates to where you could then drag it to a
preferred spot. As a last resort, you could reinstall Rev.
Hope this helps somewhat,
Tommy Simmons
Employment Law Advisory Network, Inc.

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> I'm using Win and Mac versions as I'll have to develop on both platforms
> (and on Linux, later on...). on Mac everything is fine (...). On Win the
> message box cannot be displayed anymore. What could have happened? What
> could have lead to this situation? Is there any switch preventing it from
> displaying?
> André

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