Up and running!

Andre Rombauts andre.rombauts at win.be
Sat Dec 29 06:55:01 EST 2001

>> Just one point: it seems to be slow in loop; I'm wondering if this is real
>> compiling... I think that accessing libraries slows down the program. Am I
> Can you give an example of the type of loop you're using that is slow?

In fact I just investigating before starting a "real" application. I just
made the following. With low level langauges, this loop leads to a quicker

on mouseUp
  set the text of field "info" to empty
  repeat with k = 32 to 129
    if k = 65 or k= 97 then put linefeed & linefeed after field "info"
    put numTochar(k) after field "info"
    put " " after field "info"
  end repeat
end mouseUp

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