New Plugins...

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Dec 28 17:57:00 EST 2001

Two new plugins available at:

Corral plugin - is basically a docking station for all the other Altuit
plugins. Automatically docs the plugins on startup and whenever the Corral
is moved.

HTML Builder plugin - HTML Builder is a plugin you can use for creating
htmltext for fields. You can toggle between the htmlText view and the
regular text view. Any changes you make from in one view is reflected in the
other vew. One of the neat features for this plugin is it's ability to set
the linktext. Now you can easily insert URL links into your text fields.
This plugin has the following features:

set the textstyle
set the textsize
set the linktext
view the text or the htmltext
copy the text of the htmltext to the clipboard

If you use this plugin to set a destination link URL for your text, then you
should put the following in your card script:

on linkClicked pLink
   revGoURL pLink
end linkClicked

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